Net Promoter Score (NPS)

It's important to have customer research metrics that will resonate with the board and deliver actionable insight. One very popular metric is net promoter score (NPS), which focuses on the benefits organisations can get from turning “passives” into “promoters”.

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You need this if:

You want to identify customers who are more likely to positively influence other people’s opinions (promoters) and those who are more likely to warn others about problems and issues they’ve faced while dealing with you (detractors). An NPS score will provide you with a robust measure to track and monitor improvements in customer experience.

What we do:

We can incorporate NPS into any survey, ensure your questionnaire follows best practice, and help your organisation calculate NPS effectively.

what you get:


You may be wondering “What is a good NPS score?”. We’ll benchmark your NPS scoring against our league tables where possible, indicating how yours compares to that of competitors.


We’ll set realistic targets to help improve NPS scores.


Beyond the “one number”, we’ll break your NPS down, looking to understand individual customer scores.


The drivers of promotion and detraction are often different. We’ll make sure you know what has the most impact.

Data collection

Using NPS score.

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