What we do

The TLF Panel can be used for all kinds of qualitative and quantitative research projects and is designed for both cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. It is an extremely flexible tool that our clients use for many different types of research - if you've got specific requirements in mind we're sure the TLF Panel can help. Get in touch to discuss your project now.

Survey Types

The TLF Panel is suitable for most types of survey that you would wish to undertake, these might include:

  • Measuring customer experience

  • Brand awareness, attitude and usage

  • Proposition & creative testing

  • Advertising & campaign effectiveness

  • New product testing

  • Recruitment for qualitative research e.g. online communities, depth interviews or focus groups

  • Content creation and research findings for PR stories

  • Competitor surveys

Our Monthly Omnibus

The monthly omnibus survey goes live in the middle of every month and gathers up to 3,000 responses. Panellists expect the survey to contain a range of different subjects and we get really positive response rates and feedback. Results are avaible towards the end of the month.

The Omnibus is the perfect option if you’re looking to trial the TLF panel or if you have a small number of questions to ask. It provides you with quick and cost effective research, with full analysis and reporting included as standard.

Qualification criteria can also be added to each question to ensure the desired demographic is targeted.

Complete our short form or contact our Panel Manager Tom Kiralfy directly to reserve your questions.

Flexible and tailored solutions for your project


Our software has been created in-house, it gives us complete creative control over the process, letting us offer flexible and tailored solutions for clients.

  • Mobile phone / tablet friendly

  • Visual / multimedia questions – create more engaging outputs by adding imagery, audio or video files to your survey

  • Advanced routing - only get the responses from the people you need

  • Branding - customise your survey with specific branding to enhance the experience/reinforce brand message

  • Access to pannelist uploads - such as video and audio responses

  • Customer sample – should you wish to compare your customers to non-customers or the market, we can upload your customer data to our software and distribute the survey to both data sets

Quality and Data Security

MRS Company Partner - We’re a Company Partner of the Market Research Society, meaning that we stick to industry best practice in all our work. We adhere to the MRS Code of Conduct as well as all applicable data protection law.

Quality - We’re registered to ISO9001 and operate a continuous improvement policy. We’re externally audited by United Registrar of Systems.

Data Security - We believe that data security is absolutely critical and we work hard to ensure that our systems, policies, and procedures are up to date, secure, and followed throughout the business. We are ISO 27001 accredited and also have Cyber Essentials Plus.

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