Measure & Track

The heart of customer experience research is a robust measure of how your customers feel. A strategic survey will check the health of your relationship with all customers. We will help you understand how customer attitudes lead to loyalty behaviours such as retention, related sales, and referrals.

Tactical surveys are all about actionability. By linking customer attitudes to staff behaviour and internal MI we can help you get control of the customer experience, and make rapid improvements to the experience at particular moments of truth.

Relationship Surveys


You need this if… A robust relationship survey will give you: An accurate measure of satisfaction for all customers An understanding of the...

Event Driven Surveys


You need this if… A good event-driven survey will give you: An accurate measure of the customer experience for a touchpoint A detailed...

NPS, cSat and Customer Effort


Many of our clients often use a "basket" of headline metrics and we can incorporate them into nearly any survey. Three of the most popular metrics...

Employee Engagement


We think a good employee survey is an essential tool for employee engagement. You need this if… You care about whether you people are...

Customer Empathy


Improving their customer empathy can help your employees understand the how and why of customer feelings and as a result they will be better...

Panel Research


You need this if... You want to understand consumer behaviour, usage & attitude You need facts and figures for a PR campaign or similar You...

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