In-house Training: Customer Centricity

Customer centricity is an approach that prioritises the needs, preferences, and satisfaction of customers above everything else in your organisation. It revolves around understanding customers deeply, anticipating their needs, and tailoring products, services, and experiences to meet those needs effectively.

Our training helps attendees think about creating a seamless and personalised customer journey, where every interaction aims to add value and build long-term relationships.

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What does the training cover?

Our Customer Centricity training is designed to immerse participants in understanding, prioritising, and implementing customer-focused strategies within your organisation. Throughout the training, attendees explore various aspects of customer-centric approaches, including:

  1. Understanding Customer Needs: Identifying and empathising with customers' desires, pain points, and expectations through personas, journey mapping, and feedback analysis.

  2. Developing Customer-Centric Culture: Exploring ways to embed customer-centricity into the organisation's values, processes, and decision-making.

  3. Customer Experience Design: Creating strategies to enhance the overall customer experience by optimising touchpoints and interactions across various channels.

  4. Data-Driven Insights: Utilising data analytics and customer feedback to derive actionable insights for improving products, services, and customer interactions.

  5. Implementing Change: Strategies for implementing customer-centric initiatives, overcoming resistance to change, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

The sessions involve a mix of presentations, interactive discussions, case studies, and practical exercises. We aim to empower participants with the tools, knowledge, and mindset needed to prioritise customer needs and drive organisational success by putting the customer at the core of decision-making.

Key Details

Pricing starts at £1,800 (+VAT)
Understanding Customer Needs
Developing a Customer-Centric Culture
Customer Experience Design
Data Driven Insights
Implementing Change
Interactive workshops
Expert Tutor

In-house Training Options

The exact training you receive will depend on your requirements, but we have a range of options available to choose from, including:

  • In-house workshops – Delivered at a location of your choosing, with no limit on how many delegates can attend. Content can be tailored depending on your specific needs.

  • Virtual training sessions delivered on your platform of choice. We've developed training that takes full advantage of the features of latest virtual meeting software.

  • Hybrid virtual and in-house workshops. Some clients choose a combination of virtual and in person workshops, pricing will depend on the scope of the training.

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Your Tutor:

Stephen Hampshire

Client Manager @ TLF Research

After 23 years in customer insight, Stephen's view is different to most. He believes that creating great customer experiences is simple (though rarely easy). Insight comes from asking customers the right questions, and listening to what they say. Building a customer-focused culture is more important than improving your processes. Proving the ROI of customer experience is easier than you've been told.

Stephen stays abreast of the latest thinking in customer insight and analysis so that you don't have to. He combines straightforward reviews of cutting-edge techniques with real life stories to engage with his audience, leaving them inspired to make change.

Outside of work he’s also a keen photographer, craft beer buff, and probably owns too many stringed instruments.

"Really enjoyable and interesting! We did the training at a good time as we're currently planning our own CX strategy - so learnings from the course will be easily applicable! "

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