Rethinking Your Customer Survey - Interactive - 31/10/2022

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Rethinking Your Customer Survey - Interactive - 31/10/2022

Whilst the vast majority of organisations undertake some form of customer survey, both the objectives for the research, and the methodology used to deliver on the objectives, differ wildly.  The reality is that effective customer satisfaction research will have a significant impact on organisational success in the short, medium and long term.

This course will help you understand what a makes great research programme and how following simple research design principles will maximise the outcomes from your survey.

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What to expect from the course:

This interactive course is a 3 week structured online learning course starting on 31/10/2022. The course consists of:

  • Weekly video sessions covering the essentials of designing a successful customer research programme

  • Exercises to help you put your learning in to practice

  • Downloadable materials to complement the weekly videos

  • Dedicate online community to share knowledge and network

  • Email, online and telephone support from your tutor, Chris Elliott

  • Live Zoom sessions with your tutor


The start date for this course is Monday 31/10/2022 and will run for 3 weeks.

The course consists of 3 chapters; each consisting of video lessons, community discussions, reading, activities, and quizzes to make sure you’re picking up what you need. We’ll provide resources for each chapter, and also point participants to useful material in books and online.

Once you've started your course, a new chapter will be released each week. Once a chapter have been released they remain available to access at any point.

Each chapter contains between 30-60 minutes of video lessons and combined with the other learning content we'd recommend spending at least 2-3 hours per week on the course. The time you spend on your weekly tasks is up to you.

You will receive a certificate of completion once you have finished the course.


We'll start with an introduction to why measuring customer satisfaction is so important and some of the mistakes organisations can make when designing customer research. Upon successful completion of each chapter you will be able to:

Chapter 1: Understand and Explore

  • Understand the key concepts of good research design

  • Appreciate the value of qualitative exploratory research and its role in identifying what is important to customers

  • Design and conduct qualitative research with your customers

Chapter 2: Measure and Track

  • Create quantitative customer surveys that measure and track your customers satisfaction all the time

  • Ensure that your customer research offers and accurate representation of your customer base through good sampling practice

  • Analyse the data collected so that it gives you a clear understanding of not only existing levels of satisfaction in your customers, but what their priorities for improvement will be.

Chapter 3: Beyond Customer Satisfaction

  • Appreciate why conducting research is not enough; why taking action on the results a so important

  • Understand the impact of communicating results effectively to both internal and external audiences

"I'm quite new to customer research and found the course extremely useful and genuinely interesting. I picked up some great tips that I've already managed to put into practice"

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Tutor support will be available from Stephen Hampshire through email and scheduled calls.

There will be live Zoom sessions during the course giving you the opportuntity to virtually meet Stephen and other learners on the course.

There will also be a dedicated learner community available with regular discussion posts asking key questions and common challenges.

Full tutor support will be available for 6 weeks following the start date of the course.

How long will I have access to the course?

All course content will remain available for 6 months following the start date of the course. You can view the full Terms and Conditions of our online training here.

How do I book?

This course is £295 (ex VAT) per delegate and is ideal fo you are looking to implement a new customer research programme or review your existing approach.

Book your place now by completing the delegate details above and adding the course to your basket (you will need to add in the delegate details before you can add to basket).

Get in touch if you have any questions about the course or if you would like to speak to us about group discounts, or running the course in-house.

Your Tutor:

Chris Elliott

Client Manager @ TLF Research

Working for TLF Research for the last ten years, Chris believes that customer satisfaction research is really simple to do, but really easy to get wrong. It might be boring, but it really is all about the basics; great, actionable research about doing the ‘right’ things – asking the right questions, to the right people, in the right way. Chris has used this approach with the many clients he has worked with over the years, across many sectors, and has always promoted this approach apvia the many training course, webinars and seminars he has hosted over the years.

Outside of work, Chris is a keen golfer and a ‘middle aged man in lycra’ – i.e. keen cyclist.

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