WEBINAR - Employee Engagement Measurement - Updated for 2022

WEBINAR - Employee Engagement Measurement - Updated for 2022

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Wednesday 16th March 2022. 11-11:30am

As we emerge from the Covid pandemic, the way we work may have changed enormously, but organisations still need engaged employees and there are more things to consider when undertaking employee engagment research. 

Happy and engaged employees care about their work and your company; they have an emotional commitment to your business and your goals.

In order to build engagement and happiness you need to first understand how employees feel and why. Well-designed employee engagement research can generate the insight required for building a better culture and productive working environment.

In this webinar we discuss planning and running an engagement survey, from questionnaire design to sharing the findings and taking action. We aim to give an overview of the process from start to finish, pointing out the pitfalls on the way to ensure you make the most of the process. We will also cover the best ways to reassess what matters to employees in a landscape that now embraces remote and hybrid working patterns. As well as managing the survey we will also provide advice on how to manage confidentiality to protect employees and encourage honest feedback.

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