Best Practice Panel Research

Panel research can be an effective way to access the views and opinions of consumers. Used correctly, it’s a flexible research solution with a range of uses. Whether you’re looking for fast facts and figures or regularly tracking consumer behaviour, usage and attitudes (U&A), panel research could be the perfect option.

In this webinar we discuss best practice, the potential pitfalls and a range of approaches for getting the most out of panel research.

If you’re interested in learning more about conducting your own panel research, visit our dedicated TLF Panel website here.

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Webinar host:

Debs Binks

Client Manager @ TLF Research

Debs is passionate about research having spent over 15 years working in a variety of different research based roles. Debs loves nothing more than getting under the skin of her clients needs and delivering actionable and insightful recommendations embedded in the voice of the customer.

As both a qualitative and quantitative researcher, Debs advocates using both methods as part of any programme in order to drive a strong understanding and emotional connection with customers.

Away from work, Debs like watching football (especially grassroots), gin and countryside walks with her dog.