Customer Empathy: Power of a Mirror Survey

Do your colleagues see things the same way as customers? Improving their customer empathy can help them understand the how and why of customer feelings and as a result they will be better prepared to solve their problems and meet their needs.

A mirror survey can help you identify the difference between customers and internal colleagues’ perceptions, for example what your customers see as their main problems versus what your customer service team believe they are. This is a powerful tool and can help you prioritize areas for improvements.

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Webinar host:

Chris Elliott

Client Manager @ TLF Research

Working for TLF Research for the last ten years, Chris believes that customer satisfaction research is really simple to do, but really easy to get wrong.  It might be boring, but it really is all about the basics; great, actionable research about doing the ‘right’ things – asking the right questions, to the right people, in the right way.  Chris has used this approach with the many clients he has worked with over the years, across many sectors, and has always promoted this approach via the many training course, webinars and seminars he has hosted over the years.

Outside of work, Chris is a keen golfer and a ‘middle aged man in lycra’ – i.e. keen cyclist.