Housing: Deep Dive In To Complaints


There is an increasing focus on the way housing associations deal with problems and complaints. The Housing Ombudsman has made it clear that a complaint is ‘An expression of dissatisfaction, however made…’ and it does not have to use the word ‘complaint’. The Housing Ombudsman also recognises that early identification and resolution of an issue can prevent it becoming a formal complaint.

In this webinar Rachel will give an overview of best practice in complaint handling in the housing sector, and explain how you can use survey questions to identify tenants with (as yet) unreported issues.

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Webinar host:

Rachel Allen

Client Manager @ TLF Research

Rachel has been with TLF for 16 years. Working across many sectors, she designs effective customer satisfaction and loyalty programmes to get the best insight from a range of customer types. She is particular keen for organisations to look at the link between satisfaction and efficiency; getting things right first time not only improves customer satisfaction but reduces costs and is a more effective use of resources for all organisations. This is particularly true when it comes to problem and complaint handling which can be costly in more ways than one.

Rachel regularly presents webinars and writes for Customer Insight magazine focussing on case studies and ‘how to’ articles looking at the practical side of running surveys and gathering feedback.

When not in work, Rachel likes being outdoors be it on the water, in the countryside, or in the garden, and has a book collection that’s taking over her home.