MSPs and IT Sector: How to Increase Your NPS Score


The Net Promoter Score is one of the most popular headline metrics in a range of sectors, but what drives NPS the IT sector?

Based on his experience working with MSPs and IT service providers, Greg Roche explains the things to consider when measuring NPS and how to increase your scores. Including:

  • Operational satisfaction vs relationship satisfaction

  • End user NPS vs Decision Maker NPS.

  • Asking the right questions, to the right people, in the right way

  • The best data collection methodologies

  • Increasing survey response rates

  • Practical tips and techniques

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Webinar host:

Greg Roche

Client Director @ TLF Research

Greg is one of the UK’s leading experts in helping organisations to use customer satisfaction surveys to improve the customer experience. He has extensive experience of working with many blue chip clients across a wide range of sectors. Greg is results orientated and is passionate about helping organisation drive change from their research programmes.

Greg is a frequent speaker at conferences, author of articles and books, and a regular host of webinars and our podcast. He’s also proud to have recently received research awards and a Business Excellence Award.

Outside of work he is a big sports fan, following Huddersfield Giants in Rugby League, Liverpool FC in the Premier League and Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL. He also spends most of his time trying to be a great parent!