The Flaws of NPS and How to Get the Most Out of it


The Net Promoter Score approach to customer research has strengths, but it also has many weaknesses.

Some experts argue that NPS is useless because of these, but it's as big a mistake to dismiss NPS altogether as it is to embrace it unthinkingly. In this webinar we'll look at the flaws and weaknesses of NPS, and how to set up your research to minimise or overcome them. We'll cover:

  • Why "one number" isn't all you need Volatility, sample size, and margins of error

  • Differences by sector, customer type, and culture

  • Does knowing how it works affect how you answer?

  • Do staff think it's fair?

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Webinar host:

Stephen Hampshire

Client Manager @ TLF Research

After 23 years in customer insight, Stephen's view is different to most. He believes that creating great customer experiences is simple (though rarely easy). Insight comes from asking customers the right questions, and listening to what they say. Building a customer-focused culture is more important than improving your processes. Proving the ROI of customer experience is easier than you've been told.

Stephen stays abreast of the latest thinking in customer insight and analysis so that you don't have to. He combines straightforward reviews of cutting-edge techniques with real life stories to engage with his audience, leaving them inspired to make change.

Outside of work he’s also a keen photographer, craft beer buff, and probably owns too many stringed instruments.