Using Customer Insight To Shape Cultures & Behaviours

Changing culture is something that takes time and is not something that can be done by simply undertaking a customer survey. However, if used effectively customer research can help you demonstrate the value of providing a positive customer experience and show how your colleagues can play their part.

We’ll take you through some examples of how to use your customer survey results to drive culture change.

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Webinar host:

Stephen Hampshire

Client Manager @ TLF Research

Stephen stays abreast of the latest thinking in customer insight and analysis so that you don’t have to. He combines straightforward reviews of cutting-edge techniques with real life stories to engage with his audience, leaving them inspired to make change.

Stephen has been with TLF Research for 16 years, and works with leading organisations across sectors to understand and improve their customer experience. Clients include Visa, Europe, nPower, RSA, Citibank, Parker Merchanting, RBS and SITA.