WEBINAR - What Matters Most to Customers... Now?

WEBINAR - What Matters Most to Customers... Now?

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How will COVID-19 change our relationships with customers?

No one knows exactly what life will look like after lockdown, but we do know that it has had a profound effect on how customers think and behave. In this webinar we’ll review:

• How customer behaviour has changed during lockdown
• What customers are saying about their changing attitudes
• The fundamental shifts in what matters to customers (usually slow to change)
• What customers are saying about how they’ll behave in the future
• Why customers are better at predicting their own behaviour than some would have you believe
• What life after lockdown may be like
• How you can make sure you understand what matters most to your customers

Over the last few weeks we've continued to carry out customer research for our clients and with our online panel, this has given us a first-hand insight into how customers are feeling. We'd love to share our thoughts with you in this webinar.

This webinar took place on Wednesday 13th May 2020 and you can watch the recording now.

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