The Index of Consumer Sentiment Quarter 1 2022

With over three years’ worth of data about consumer sentiment in the UK, the Index of Consumer Sentiment is proving its value as an indicator of how customers are feeling, and therefore how they’re likely to behave.

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The topline trends

In July last year it looked like things were getting back on track, despite the lingering effects of the pandemic, but the impact of supply chain issues sent confidence plummeting again and morphed into a growing cost of living crisis.

Looking at the state of all three indices, we can see that consumers’ confidence in the future economic outlook is trending up, but that their view of the current financial situation remains bleak.

A line chart showing the trend in the Index of Consumer Sentiment. After 2 years of extreme volatility, it may be starting to stabilise at a lower level than before the pandemic. The Index of Consumer Sentiment stands at 71.3 for January 2022.

The key findings
  • Consumer sentiment, now at 71.3, may be stabilising at a lower level

  • Expectations about the future were becoming more optimistic in January, though still low

  • Customers are pessimistic about their own financial position, and therefore are likely to be more demanding

  • UK consumer sentiment is stronger than in the US, for the first time since 2018

  • EU consumer sentiment is relatively higher, but is trending downwards

  • There are important demographic differences in consumer sentiment

As Nigel says in his foreward to the report,

"The Sentiment Index has unquestionably proved its value across the Atlantic and we are confident that it will do the same for the UK."

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