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Autumn 2021

It should go without saying that when we talk about the importance of meeting customer needs, we mean all customers. In this issue we explore our research with Purple Tuesday,  and why there’s not just a strong moral and legal argument to focus on the experiences of disabled customers, but a commercial one.

In the last issue we covered hybrid work and recruitment, and this time we’ve got an article from Blue Yonder about the priorities for supply chains (a topical piece if ever there was one). Consumer sentiment has been on a wild ride over the last 2 years, for obvious reasons. We dig into the detail and reveal that all that uncertainty is now really starting to eat into consumers’ long term confidence about the economy, in a way that was not true in the early days of the pandemic shock.

We’ve also got more from ContactEngine on how behavioural science can teach us about how customers make decisions, segmentation, advice on writing a one page results summary, and our book review promises to reveal whether blockchain and cryptocurrencies are worth the hype.

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