Our Client Survey Results 2021

1 November 2021

It would be pretty strange if we didn’t survey our own customers, wouldn’t it? Every year we ask for their feedback on how we’re doing, and we’re delighted to have made steady progress to a CSI of 94 and an NPS of 83.2.  

Our clients’ satisfaction and loyalty is the most important thing to us as a business, but they won’t know that unless we tell them. That’s why we also make sure that we communicate the top level findings and our plan of action as widely as we can.    

This year we asked about clients’ lockdown challenges, and learned how we could support them this year with information and proactive advice. Below is an infographic summarising the key survey results, and the actions we intend to take. We've also recorded a special edition of the TLF Gems Podcast discussing the results – we hope you get chance to have a listen! Listen here or subscribe on iTunes.

"Our ambition is to be more than a great supplier of research and insight. Our ambition is to be a Valued Partner."

Greg Roche

Client Director, TLF Research