Plan & Act - How to move from research report to action

Plan & Act - How to move from research report to action

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March 11, 2020 13.30-16.30

Plan & Act - How to move from research report to action


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Many great pieces of research are wasted because their findings are not acted upon. In this briefing we'll look at some tried and tested methods to turn insight into action, and combine research with internal workshops to deliver change.

Newfrom TLF Research, this half day briefing will help you and your colleagues use research findings to make a difference. You need three things: research that is set up to give you evidence of ROI and actionable insight, collaboration tools that will enable you to combine the customer view with the knowledge of colleagues in your business, and an effective communication plan to bring it all to life.

We’d recommend delegates also attend the first in this series; ‘Understand & Explore’. These briefings have been designed to complement each other and will give you a complete overview of an effective customer research approach.


  • Making the bridge from insight to action
  • Service design
  • Workshops and collaboration
  • Developing action plans
  • Keeping momentum
  • Measuring progress


  • You’ll go away with a clear step-by-step approach to turning research findings into action by prioritising effectively, collaborating with your colleagues, and maintaining momentum.

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