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UK Consumer Sentiment - Latest Results

1st September 2021

Since October 2018 we’re been using our panel to track 3 key measures of consumer confidence:

  • The Index of Consumer Sentiment (ICS) measures overall confidence
  • The Index of Current Economic Conditions (ICC) measures how they feel right now
  • The Index of Consumer Expectations (ICE) measures how they feel about the future

During the pandemic we saw an enormous impact on how consumers were feeling. Although their confidence in their own finances bounced back quite quickly, it’s taken a long time for them to feel better about the wider economy.

From April to July 2021 we’ve now seen 2 quarters of steady growth, and with all 3 indices at pre-pandemic levels it’s safe to say that consumers are sending a signal that things are, financially at least, back to “normal”. Digging deeper, there are some important differences according to location, gender, and age…View our infographic below for the key findings.


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If you'd like a reminder of some of the previous results you can find them below:

Consumer Sentiment Index January 2020

In 2018 TLF Research launched a new measure of consumer sentiment, modelled on the University of Michigan’s Index of Consumer Sentiment, and we’ve tracking it quarterly ever since. In this article we’ll explain how the index works, look at how it’s changed, and suggest some ways in which it could be used in the future.

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Consumer Sentiment Index October 2020

It’s hardly surprising that these results show consumers are, rightly, worried about the economic impact of the Coronavirus and the measures taken to combat it. What’s much more interesting is that their attitudes to their personal finances and the wider economy, over the short and long term, have been affected very differently.

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