TSM Benchmarking Reports

We are working with a range of social housing providers to offer free benchmarking for all 12 of the TSM Tenant Perception Measures.

Our last benchmarking reports covered the first full year TSM results (2023/24), and we were really pleased to have over 100 providers involved.

We will be running another TSM Benchmarking project soon. If you would like to be involved and receive a personalised report, you can register your interest now.

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What you'll receive at a glance

You will receive a personalised TSM Benchmarking report for either LCRA or LCHO. If you have both LCRA and LCHO you will receive 2 separate reports. The report will include:

  • The social housing landscape

  • Summary of overall findings

  • Where your organisation sits in our TP01 Benchmarking league table

  • How your organisation compares on the remaining tenant perception measures

  • Insight and recommendations

TSM Benchmarking Project Timelines

Each project has 3 main phases:

  1. TSM Data Submission Window – we’ll give you plenty of time to submit your data.

  2. TSM Benchmarking Report Creation – Once the data submission window closes, and all providers have submitted their data, it’s over to our research team. We generally need 3-4 weeks to analyse all the submitted data and create the personalised report.

  3. Personalised TSM Benchmarking Reports Available – We’ll send you your report as soon as it is ready.

What TSM Data To Submit?

You'll need to submit your full year scores for all 12 of your tenant perception measures via a secure online survey. You will not need to submit any raw data.

You'll also need to submit information about your organisation, such as housing stock, methodology, sample and demographics.

Details of the specific TSM data required for the benchmarking report can be found below.

TSM Data Required
  • All 12 TSM tenant perception scores for LCHO / LCRA (% very and fairly satisfied)

  • Number of responses included in the above score

  • Stock size (full population)

  • Third party data collection or in-house

  • Data collection start and end dates

  • Frequency of survey

  • Methodology (phone, web, postal, etc.)

  • Region

  • Is the data representative by the following: Tenure, Age, Ethnicity, Region / Area and Property Type

  • Has the data been weighted to be representative?

Submitting Your Data

By registering for the report, you are agreeing to share your TSM data with TLF Research.

You will submit your data via a secure online survey managed in-house.

TLF Research take data security very seriously and your data will not be shared with any third parties. We will provide T&Cs and offer reassurances that data will always be anonymised and landlords' names will never be attributed to their scores without their written consent.

Although no personal data is shared, the information is commercially sensitive and we recommend having a Mutual NDA in place before sharing your data. We can provide a MNDA, alternatively we would be willing to sign yours.

When to submit your Data?

The data submission window will be open for 5-6 weeks and you can submit your data as soon as you have it. You will need to submit your data before the window closes to be eligible to receive your benchmarking report.

How Much will the Benchmarking Report cost?

This is a free report. If you'd like more in-depth benchmarking and analysis, please get in touch.

Benchmark Report Outputs

You'll receive a personalised report for all 12 tenant perception measures for LCRA / LCHO, showing how your organisation compares with the scores from other housing providers.

The report will include:

  • Summary of overall findings

  • TP01 Benchmarking league table

  • How your organisation compares on the remaining tenant perception measures

Your organisation will be named in your personalised report, showing where you sit in the charts, but no other organisation names will be shown in your report.

What Happens When You've Registered For the Report?

Once you've registered for your report you will need to submit your TSM data as soon as you have them available.

We'll share the secure online survey for you to submit your scores and keep in touch with regular communications with important dates, such as when the data submission window opens and closes.

Once you've submitted your data, our dedicated housing research team will check your submission and come back to you if they have any questions.

When will your TSM Benchmarking Report by available?

Once you've signed up and submitted your data, we will send you your personalised TSM Benchmarking Report when is it ready.

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