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We've been delivering customer research and helping our clients improve their customer experience for over 25 years. The expertise and knowledge we've gained during this time, makes us well placed to deliver training on a wide range of subjects.

Our bespoke in-house training offer gives you the opportunity to create tailored programmes for your employees that reflect the specific challenges of your organisation.

Pricing starts from £2,200. Enquire now for a personalised quote.

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What will the training cover?

Over the years we've delivered 100's of different training courses. Our area of expertise covers all the aspects of undertaking research to understand your customers and using the insight from this research to create action plans to help you improve the customer experience.

Our training focuses on equipping employees with the skills and knowledge needed to fully understand your customer needs, to design improved experiences, and to deliver exceptional service. Through the training, employees learn how to create positive experiences and build lasting relationships with customers, ultimately aiming to enhance satisfaction, loyalty, and the overall reputation of your organisation.

If you'd like us to build a more comprehensive training programme, we will start with a discovery session to fully understand the CX and research knowledge gaps within your organisation. We'll use this session to help you identify the subjects your training will cover and how it can have the biggest impact.

Please get in touch if you have a training subject in mind, but here are some of popular subjects:

  • Customer journey mapping

  • CX Strategy

  • Building a balanced CX research programme

  • How to use qualitative insight

  • How to use quantitative insight

  • Insight to action

  • Storytelling

If you are looking for some more inspiration on the type of subjects we can offer, our on-demand webinars are a good place start.

Our On-Demand Webinars


Research to Inform CX Strategy

Many organisations talk about being customer led, but in reality customer experience is often seen as a purely operational question. Customer surveys are used in closed loop reporting on specific transactions or events, but no one ever takes a step back to look at the broader pic...


Closing The Loop

With changing survey and reporting technology it's becoming easier and easier to integrate customer feedback in real time. In this webinar we'll look at best practice ways to use rapid turnaround customer research for performance management, engaging your people with the voice of...


Using Employee Research To Improve CX

90% of customer feedback does not result in organisation change. Often this is because employees are not 100% engaged with their organisation, its goals and ambitions. TLF Director, Greg Roche will show how to use Employee Research to improve customer satisfaction through measur...


Relationship And Event Driven Research

Relationship and event driven surveys are both vital tools in customer research. Organisations often make the mistake of committing to one or the other, or attempt the bad compromise of doing both in a single survey. A well designed research programme, including a mix of both su...


The Perfect Customer Experience

Do your people understand how their decisions and behaviours impact the customer experience? Often we focus on getting the individual parts right, but it’s only when we get every element lined up that we can deliver truly memorable experiences. In this webinar we’ll cover: Memory...


Turning Insight In To Action: The Importance Of Action Planning

There is no point doing customer research unless you’re planning to do something with the results. Action planning is the best way to ensure you are using the insight gained from your customer research to drive positive change to the customer experience. Greg will guide you throu...


Best Practice Driver Analysis

Key driver analysis is the tool which lets you measure which aspect of the customer experience to prioritise, but many organisations are using statistical techniques which are not really fit for purpose. In this webinar we discuss the weaknesses of commonly used techniques, and s...


CSAT, NPS or Customer Effort: Choosing Your Key Metric

Is your key metric the right one for your business? This webinar walks through the pros and cons of CSat, NPS and Customer Effort with some practical tips to minimising the disadvantages. Chris will provide examples of when each metric and a basket of metrics have worked well.

Key Details

Pricing starts at £2,200 (+VAT)
Knowledge Gap Discovery
Bespoke Training Plan
Tailored Learning Resources
Expert Tutor
Multiple Delivery Methods

In-house Training Options

The exact training you receive will depend on your requirements, but we have a range of options available to choose from, including:

  • In-house workshops. Delivered at a location of your choosing, with no limit on how many delegates can attend. Content can be tailored depending on your specific needs.

  • Virtual training sessions delivered on your platform of choice. We've developed training that takes full advantage of the features of the latest virtual meeting software.

  • Group online course. If you have a larger team that require training, we can develop a bespoke online course which can combine video lessons, quizzes, and live online sessions with the tutor to reinforce the learning and cover how this will work in practice at your organisation.

  • Hybrid online and in-house workshops. Some clients choose to a combination of the online course, virtual sessions or in person workshops.

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